Underwater Metal Detectors: Your Guide

Underwater Metal Detectors: Your GuideMost of the metals in a metal hunting job are buried just under the ground or is hidden somewhere like a cave, sands and so on. But there are lots of metals too that is resting on Ariel’s home: The underwater.

Are you currently in hunting metal kind of job? Or currently in a study of metals and wants to chase metals after metals anywhere? Is diving underwater and tracking metals on it your favourite past time? Then, if you’ve got the skill on swimming and stuff and a determination to collect metals – go on and dive! But, remember that you still need something to carry that surely you will thank for it was invented: A metal detector.

What is Metal Detector?

A Metal detector is a tool that is designed to detect a nearby metal in an area. This tool is used for knowing metals that are hard to find because it might be hidden somewhere that is not easy to locate or is buried underground or underwater.

So since, looking for metal anywhere is not quite easy, especially when it is buried underwater, then choosing of a particular metal detector to use must be the basic thing to do. Below are some lists of underwater metal detectors that might be useful for you.

Garrett Sea Hunter MK-II Metal Detector

This underwater metal detector is preferable by people who loves scuba diving. The good features this tool is carrying is how lightly it weighs. With only 3 pounds of weight, this one will give you the easy task to carry and hold while you are diving deep under the water.

White’s Beachhunter 300 w/12 Loop Metal Detector

Considered as the best underwater metal detector, this one has three power: threshold, sensitivity, and ground. If you are looking for a metal detector that works well either in the thick sands of the beach or underwater, then this white’s beachhunter that only weighs 5.7 pounds (only after putting AA battery) is what you are looking for.

Minelab Excalibur II 1000 Underwater Metal Detector

If you are already an expert metal hunter then this metal detector might be right for you. Called as the amphibious detector, this kind of underwater metal detector covers a feature of working both underwater and land that other metal detectors don’t have. Also, this metal detector is using Broad Band Spectrum that harness frequencies a maximum of 25.5 kHz.

Choosing Underwater Metal Detectors

So taking out metals underwater is not a problem anymore for a newly metal hunter since there are already devices that will guide you in looking one. For experts, though you are already professional in this field, of course, there might be times that you need newly devices for enhancement of skills, then choosing best underwater metal detectors in your level is a better idea.